Strict Posting Guidelines to One and All- Read it and Follow it.

Hello Friends,

Our aim with Himachalspider is to make Himachal famous globally not with irrelevant content but with qualitative information. These days I can see people are just focusing on posting content but do not taking concern on the quality of content.

Look if visitors come to our site and they find poor quality content, with grammatically poor English, then they will rate it as a bad site. So, my idea is to inform you that whatever you write, make use of good and proper English. Re-check the post after submitting to find whether it is fully correct or not. Bad content gives a bad fame to the author. So be a quality author here on Himachalspider.

Things to keep in mind before posting in Resources, Business Posts, Jobs, Photos etc:

1. Make use of grammatically correct English.

2. Do not use complete bold letters. It gives a wrong impression. Just make the beginning letter of sentence capital and name of places, personalities etc capital.

3. Give a proper title to your post.

4. Use proper headings and subheadings in the resources and business posts to make them easy to read.

5. Post quality information, do not try to make posts lengthy unnecessarily.

6. If you are adding number of photos related to one thing make a single album for them.

7. If a resource is related to a particular place specify the name in title of resource.

8. Business posts should have proper address, phone no. and description of posts.

9. Above all do not copy content from other sites or sources. Even if you take information, write them in your own words.

Approval of the newly submitted posts will totally depend on abiding by these rules. Otherwise your posts can be deleted or kept in pending state. If you find faults in any of your previous posts you can edit it and re-submit it. Faulty posts will be deleted soon.