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    Measures to Make Himachal a Number one tourist destination

    Undoubtedly Himachal is one of the best tourist destinations not only in India but also in the world.

    Still the number of tourists visiting our state is not too high. Kindly suggest what measures our Goverment should take to make Himachal an attractive destination.

    If it happens then we can see huge funds flowing into the Goverment's kitty. This would further result in the development of the state and more emplyment opportunities for the youth.

    What is your take on this.

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    Hello Rajesh,
    Very interesting thread started by you. Definitely, Himachal is famous for its tourism and we all residents of Himachal should strive to make it even more beautiful. I think individual effort is required here. Natural beauty of the state should be first maintained which requires growing more trees, keeping the places clean and green and industrialization should be minimized.

    People come to visit hill station to feel relaxed and stay in the lap of nature. So, it is all about how natural our state remains in terms of climate and environment.

    "At great attempts, it is glorious even to fail."

    Rohit Mian
    Webmaster Himachalspider.
    Editor India Study Channel.

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    Yes Rohit, Its true. Every individual should contribute in his/her capacity. People come here to see tha natural beauty that should be protected at any cost.

    Apart from this I think the our Government need to promote tourism aggressively. At the same time it should develop the basic infrastructure so that the tourists do not face problems.

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    Yes, I agree with Rohit and Rajesh that the natural and enchanting beauty of the Hill stations should be conserve. In this context Government of Himachal has also taken good step that is banning of polythene bags in Himachal. This will also be helpful as we all aware that ploythene add only filth to environment as it could not dispose of completely. And I think as individual we also take a step ahead to this by saying no for polythene packing. By growing more and more plants to make Himachal more mesmerizing.

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    Anita you are very correct, the initiative taken by Himachal govt, to stop the use of polyethene bags is indeed an appreciative move to keep the state clean. Recently, another impressive step taken by Himachal govt. is that dust-bins are provided to individual houses in Shimla. Everyday workers will come and pick the waste from these dust bins and this all service will be provided at a basic monthly fee of Rs. 35. I think this is implemented in Shimla city only.

    Such great initiatives will definitely help in maintaining the sanctity of Himachal Pradesh,

    "At great attempts, it is glorious even to fail."

    Rohit Mian
    Webmaster Himachalspider.
    Editor India Study Channel.

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    Absolutely, the Himachal Governement has set an example to other states as well by successfully banning polythene in the state.

    Even the Delhi government is also followwing the same module of Himachal and have taken suggestions from HP government in banning polythene.

    I think one more step by our goverment is highly appreciable. This ia aforestration. I have seen many areas which were baron earlier are now lush green with pine trees.

    Controlling deforestration by strictly implementing the laws and planting more and more number of trees can also help in maintaing the natural beauty of our state.

    Rajesh Rana

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