Himachalspider starting 'Wizard Awards': Exciting prizes to be won!

Hello Friends,

It is a great news to you all that Himachalspider is going to start new award programme called 'Wizards of the Month'. This award will be given in two categories:

1. Wizard of Business Section.
2. Wizard of Resource Section.

Criteria to become eligible for Wizard's Award:

1. The candidate who scores maximum points in each of the above mentioned sections at the end of month will be given this award. Quality and originality of the posts should be maintained. Copied posts will not be entertained.

3. Resources and Business posts should be strictly related to Himachal Pradesh.

2. The counting of points will be done from the beginning of the month till end of the month in that particular section.

3. Every candidate competing for this award must have at least scored 300 points in that particular section for that respective month. Candidates scoring less than 300 points will not be eligible, no matter, they are the highest point earners of that month in business or resource section.

Awards for Wizards of Month:

1. Each Wizard of the Month (Business and Resource section) will get a cash prize of Rs. 100.

2. Additional 100 points will be credited to the scoreboard of the winners.

3. Regular cash credits and points which are given to each post will also be awarded. Thus double opportunity to earn.

This award programme will get into action from August 01, 2010.

Good luck, happy posting: