Request to Members

Hello Friends,

It has been observed in the recent past that many memebers are posting content in Business and Resource sections which is either irrelevant or incomplete. I request all the members to kindly post self writen aricles in various sections with good key words. The text should add value to the site and the visitors.

Please understand that 2 good posts will always fetch you more points and cash credits as compared to 20 bad posts. The time consumed and your efforts will be same for the both. So try to post valuable articles which can bring traffic to HSR. Believe me your adsense earnings and cash credits are directly related to the quality of the content you are posting.

Please go through the posting guidelines once again and keep contributing with same enthusiasm keeping in mind the revenue sharing scheme announced by Dr Sanjeev.

Also please keep in mind that people contributing in resources have more chance to be the winner at the end of the month. As per Dr Sanjeev's announcement, If a member have 400 points in total but 100 points in resource then his points will be considered as 200 only

All the best and we are looking forward for your valuable contributions in HSR in the coming months.

Warm Regards