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    Want to know abount points

    Can you please help me in knowing the point system. I am little bit confused as I think that my points listed at different places on the homepage do not match and my points are decreasing. Some time before my yesterday's points were 95 & now it is 93. Please guide me as I am new here.
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    Hello Friend,
    When you are posting contents in Recource and Business Section then Editors will give you points depending upon the Quality of your material. I have also the same problem because sometimes we don't get the sufficient points and rewards as expected by us.

    Narender Sharma.
    Editor- Himachal Spider

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    Hi Friend,
    Thanks for your response, but I am little bit confused again, do you mean to say that first we get point on the contents posted by us, then the Editor will add or deduct points as per the quality of the content? Also can you pleease tell me difference between the points listed below my name in blue & the points listed in My points in black one the homepage as they donot tally with each other.

    Aim at Sky and You will Hit the Mountain Top.

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    Hello Hemant and Narendra,

    I can understand your confusion regarding the points. Let me explain it to you. When you post any article in the Business Section you get 5 points by default. However when the posts are reviewed then depending on the quality of the content the the points are given. If the quality of the post is good in terms of bringing traffic to the site you get more than 5 points and if the posts are not good enough you may get less points or the post can also be deleted.

    The next day when you will check your points you will see a difference.

    You both are doing a good job. I would also appreciate if you post a content which which can draw more visitors to the site. This will help the site grow and at the same time you can also earn more cash credits, points resulting in more revenue by way of partenership scheme. The more the people visit your pages the more revenue you would be able to earn via adsense as well.

    Please keep one thing in mind that whatever you are posting should have some value in terms of bringing traffic to the site.

    When you are posting anything think twice if the people will search for this kind of post.

    For example when you are posting any article say "Sweet Shop in XY City" think how many people search for these kind of posts. A person outside that city will hardly bother to find such article.

    Similarly many people post articles on filling stations, grocery stores etc of their area which are not helping much in bringing the traffic.

    Try to post articles on schools, colleges, Universities of Himachal, Places to visit in Himachal. Himachal Pradesh is most searched by people who want to visit Himachal. Lakhs of people from all over India and world visit Himachal every month.

    Think on broader perspective and in these lines to earn more cash credits and revenue.

    All the best


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    Thank you very much sir for your early & very useful knowledge. I will try my level best to perform nothing less then the best to post quality content & bring great traffic to the site.
    Aim at Sky and You will Hit the Mountain Top.

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