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    For webmasters.

    Sir, please appoint me as a trainee editor of HSR. It is my heartly wish to work as the editor of HSR. I know almost every thing of this beautiful site. I am ready to work atleast 4 hours daily on this site. So please appoint me as a trainee editor. Please, plz, plz sir.
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    Narender Dear
    I am also ready to work for HSR. I am also willing to work for HSR for as many hours as HSR requires me to work. I am free lancer and can work any time 24*7. So Webmasters also consider my name for the post of Editor. I am the one who begged Gold member rank in a very short period of time i.e. around 15 days and I promise that with in next 20-25 days I will be a Diamond member of HSR. I am not saying that you are not eligible for the post, you are! I am just requesting the Webmasters that also consider my name.

    Aim at Sky and You will Hit the Mountain Top.

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    Hello Hemant and Narender,

    Is is nice to see your enthusiasm and willingness to contribute to HSR. It is highly appreciable. However first we need to take this site to that level where we require more editors to work on. We need to enroll more and more number of people who can contribute valuable articles to our site.

    Please keep contributing and I am sure the day will come when we will have requirements for editors and site coordinator will take a decision on that.

    I am again posting the article on how the editors are recruited in HSR. Please go through it and you will get an idea.

    Editors are recruited by site coordinator and webmasters on need basis. From time to time, we add additional editors to our team to support our fast growth.

    The below are the general guidelines followed for selecting new editors

    1. A member must be ACTIVE in HSR for at least 6 months before he can be considered for editor post.

    2. Member must have demonstrated his ability to help others by actively posting answers in the forum for the questions posted by others.

    3. Member must have extensive knowledge about how HSR operates, how the awards are given, how the cash credit system works etc. This knowledge can be acquired by actively participating in the forum, reading past announcements, interacting with existing editors etc.

    4. Member must have very good English writing skills.

    5. Member must be willing to dedicate few hours per day in Himachal Spider.

    6. Member must demonstrate his knowledge about HSR by posting answers to the questions posted by others in the forum.

    7. Member must be capable of giving answers instead of keep asking questions about each and every thing. He must be capable of finding answers and solutions themselves without having to ask each and everything.

    8. Editors work voluntarily and they are not paid employees.

    New editors are recruited up on the discretion of the Site Coordinator or webmasters. Just meeting above criteria does not guarantee that you will be selected as an editor. Webmasters must be convinced about your ability to serve as an editor.

    In most cases, the selection will be initiated by a lead editor, site coordinator or webmaster by contacting you directly, based on your participation and contribution in the forums.

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    Thanks for your response Mr. RR sir. I will try my level best to make HSR No. 1 web portal of not only Himachal but India. I want to see HSR among the top web sites of India.
    Narender Sharma.
    Editor- Himachal Spider

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