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    Write resources on Educational Institutes in Himach and earn more points and cash credits

    Hello Friends,

    As we all are aware that Himachal is one of the fastest growing states in the field of Education. There are many institutes, Universities, colleges and Schools in Himachal Pradesh which impart quality education to the students.

    Very soon from now Admission season will start and the students and their parents will look for the educational indtitutes for further studies.

    I would request all the members to write resources on Educational Institutes in Himachal Pradesh.

    Please give full description of the institute right from the Introduction, courses offered by that institute, location,contact details,etc.

    Remember that resources with inadequate information will not be accepted at all. Good resources will attract high points and cash credits.

    We are looking forward for some great posts by all of you

    All the best

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    I have posted 5 schools with every possible details about them, but I got only 3-4 points per post. What is this? You have announced to give more points with cash to the posts containing facts about educational institutes. Sir, I think I am just wasting my time, because I am not getting right value for time I am spending here.
    Sorry, but I am very disappointed.

    Narender Sharma.
    Editor- Himachal Spider

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    Hello Narender,

    What you have done is simply copied and pasted you own content in all the resources. For example check your column "Location and Description of the School". In all the school description it is same. There is no comprehensive description of any school in the resource. The reader of your article will not get any valuable information.

    Try to understand that we are here not to get just points and cash credits. We must write good valuable articles and need to give right information to the people visiting our site. I have also mentioned earlier that do not go for quantity, go for quality.

    One good written resource would have given you points between 25-50 and more cash credits. It is not the wastage of time I would say it is how you utilize your time and take benefit out of it.


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    Alright sir, i will keep this in my mind. But please sir, give some extra points to motivate us, from next time you will see good contributions from me. And I want to discuss that I am observing that now a days there are more active contributeres in Himachal spider. So please look forward towards my application to become the editor of Himachal Spider. Please tell me what I will have to do if I want to become Editor of Himachal Spider. And what is the amount of cash that a contributer can get by posting his contents in Business Section of Himachal Spider.
    Narender Sharma.
    Editor- Himachal Spider

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    Hello Narender,

    Do not regularly keep on asking for the justifications from the editors, first try to make your posts flawless. Editors have lot of other work to do as well instead of responding to each and every query. If you complaints are genuine only then put them in forum. Your business posts are mostly the same, with few changes of words in them. Do you expect bulk of points and cash for them?

    Its good that you aspire to become one of the editors of HSR, but asking for it every now and then is not an attitude of an editor. Show performance and quality in posts. Do not just focus on points, focus on the good and original content with proper English. Such things are judged before appointing anybody as an editor, not that who has the maximum number of points.

    Hope you got my point this time. Good luck.

    "At great attempts, it is glorious even to fail."

    Rohit Mian
    Webmaster Himachalspider.
    Editor India Study Channel.

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    Hello Rajesh sir, I think most of the educational institutes are now a part of the vast library of Himachal Spider. Please give us a new topic to write.
    Narender Sharma.
    Editor- Himachal Spider

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    Hello Narender
    As you are writing yourself that most of the educational institutions are part of HSR vast directory but not all the institutions and think HSR should have all the information about Himachal including educational institutions. So if the topic is changed then also we should write articles on the institutions left along with other topics.
    Thanks & Regards

    Aim at Sky and You will Hit the Mountain Top.

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