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    Am I posting Quality now?

    I think I am a little matured now. If you also thinks so then please write something to motivate me. I am now trying to post quality not quantity. Please response to this thread if you also thinks so. Because according to of motivation is the best way to get 100 % from some one
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    Hello Narender
    I agree with you, post only quality content don't go for quantity. "Quality always MATTER". The only problem between us rather I should say that the only similarity between both of us is that "We both want to become the Editors of HSR" and the other thing common in us is "Motivation" that I think everybody needs but do not accepts. I am a kind of person that needs motivation and also I am the person who is always happy to motivate others.

    Aim at Sky and You will Hit the Mountain Top.

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    Thanks sir for your kind response.
    Narender Sharma.
    Editor- Himachal Spider

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    hello narender and hemant sir. I am new here. but I have been through your posts on resource and forum sections and i found it worth reading. Both of you are really good writers and hard working. The best thing I like about you is the writing skills, presentation and the quality of the stuff posted by you. Moreover, Narender has helped me greatly to understand this
    site. I thank you both for your contribution to making this site to next level

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    We will try our level best to make this site the largest website on Himachal facts.
    I am really happy to know that my responses had helped you.
    In future if you have any doubt regarding HSR, then feel free to contact me.
    And if you want to earn monthly revenue share of Himachal spider then try to post more and more Resources.

    Narender Sharma.
    Editor- Himachal Spider

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    Hello Dear Tushar
    Thanx for praising me & Narender and also for reading our posts. I my self believe that Narender is EXCELLENT. As for as I am concerned I am not worth it. I am a simple man with a simple & ordinary mind but if you found my posts good than I am thankful for your greatness. Right now I am very busy with my work but I am always ready to help you and others who need my guidence. Just post your query in the forum & I will surely respopnd. I will be back make HSR the best portal.

    Aim at Sky and You will Hit the Mountain Top.

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    thank you both for being so kind to me. well, i really feel that HSR requires good writers like you. As you have a mutual dream to become editor. I wish you good luck. hope i'll be seeing two more editors very soon in future.
    And yes, i have few queries. i'll post them all one by one in forum section. i'll be looking right up for you to clarify them.
    even i feel like making it top level site. so that it become as popular as google is.

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    Hello Narender,

    You are saying that now you are posting quality content. Please check the title of your forum post:

    "Is I am posting quality now"

    It is grammatically very wrong. It should have been:

    "Am I posting quality content now?"

    Please be careful with proper usage of English. Re-check your content before posting. Do not submit in haste.

    @Other members

    You all should have pointed out the mistkaes in a friendly manner instead of just praising Narender. One gets an opportunity to improve.

    "At great attempts, it is glorious even to fail."

    Rohit Mian
    Webmaster Himachalspider.
    Editor India Study Channel.

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