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    Discuss: In which field, does himachal require more input?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'In which field, does himachal require more input?'.
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    75 percent votes goes to Technology i think you all are wrong . Himachal have only electricity projects don't have any other technical projects which he shows in the world.

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    well gaurav, my question was about which field needs to have more attention. i think technology is better option. its ok with education. you might have observed many new facilities available in cities of other states. can you guess the reason behind the development of USA? It is just because they are technically strong with the introduction of more efficient machinery, gadgets and other equipments. himachal should spend more money on technology

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    I am totally satisfied with Tushar. According to me Technology is the most required field in every country, state and district.
    There are many electrical projects in Himachal Pradesh, but my question to you(Gaurav) is; how the workers related to those projects are producing electricity. They are using Technology.
    If a country is well advanced in technology then there is on need of other factors.
    Best example of this is JAPAN. I think you know how small Japan is in geographical area, but due to advanced technology Japan is one of the leading Country of world.
    So according to of Himachal should also focus on the field of technology.

    Narender Sharma.
    Editor- Himachal Spider

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    Ya i think himachal have very small projects. The highest project of himachal gives only 2200 kw electricity the tiri dam.

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    I am not saying that workers are related with that projects. I am saying that if these type of small projects are improve then the technology also takes place in it.

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    very true narender. You took an appropriate example of Japan. In the WORLD WAR 2, Japan had to face a great loss because of atom bomb blast in HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI. But Japan had overcome it very nicely. Even though, it has very smaller area. Yet it is in the list of developed countries. Japanese introduced bullet trains to travel across various cities and towns. Electronics is their trademark. even Robots, mobiles, automobiles etc

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    you are also right gaurav. well views differ person to person. According to you, if the already set up projects are given more attention, then things will go in a better way.
    Also, himachal is mostly hilly. So, transportation medium are not as good as in chandigarh, delhi. we cannot arrange metro over here, but we can think of better technology. Many people prefer big cities to live in. It is just because of the facilities. so, technology matters

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    Yes that is thing which i want say to you if we have better technology then the himachal pardesh is grow up in india or world. If himachal have more technology then it gives more profit to himachal. And it helps to decrease the pvority line of himachal pardesh. More technology more profits. In future i think himachal will be the powerful state of indib

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    exactly my friend. technology has become a requirement in today's world. science has made many things possible. whether its satellite up in the space or electric devices to provide more convenience to man. science should be promoted greatly.
    without being rude. himachal is very backward in the matter of tech'. ignorant people over here have been living a simple life for years.but time has come to introduce some tech. to make it #1 state of india

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    So do you have any thoughts that how to improve technology in himachal pardesh. Do you have any powerful concepts which should be followed by government. I am totally appriciate your work on this. I am improved my knowledge level from this type discussion. I think we have to collect more information about technology.

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    good to know that gaurav. even i got a lot of ideas from your concept. we generally import things from other state or countries. which result in high costs due to several taxes.
    for instance, the mobiles are invented in other states and then merchants buy them and sell those mobiles in our state at higher prices because they are also taxed to move the material into other state. same is the case with vehicles, electronic devices also.

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    Yes this is right and we will make sure that we have to improve our himachal in technology side. If we taking a small step about that then himachal will be grow in up technology side . Today, in japan earthquake and sunami takes place but japnese were fail to stop that disaster with their technology so if we have better technoloy then we do anything.

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    Absolutely right Gaurav. But those are sort of natural disasters and we can't make a perfect move to cope up with them. It is our good fortune that we are far away from these kind of happenings like tsunami, floods etc. But even then, we need to be careful about earthquake. Govt. buildings should be constructed with extra stability. In India, fullerene structure is not favoured that much because of its expense. But they are perfect for tsunamis

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    Yes we should be careful about that diasasters even we try that how to prevent from these type of disaster. And hope that all is well.

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    Actually, studying disaster management may give an idea of dealing all type of disasters and about the post disaster life.

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    Dear friends,
    Technology and education go hand in hand. And himachal need both of them. But the primary need is for good education.Education should be contructive and character base. Education should be such that allpeoples becomes self sufficient in terms of financial needs and also develop character. If chracter is good then corruption is not there and no such problems like black money etc.
    Once education need is fulfilled, then comes the technology. Technology also has to be used to raise the living standard of peoples and generates employment. Common example of technology advancement is the increased use of mobile phones, internet etc. As the environmental conditions is not favourable for large scale industries in himachal, we can use technology for providing jobs to the peoples. We can do this by opening IT centers, inviting good companies to open their centeres in himachal,etc. IT centeres are the temples of technology.

    Thus we can say thay Education and Tehnology go hand in hand. Education is required for the constructive use of technology.

    Vivek sharma

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