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    Share your adsense earnings here.

    Hello friends, I am starting this thread to share my adsense earnings through the great website known as Himachal Spider. I have earned more than 10$ in just two months. Please share your adsense earnings here, such that new members can get motivated.
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    Dear Narendra,

    Congratulations for your achievement. I am having some queries regarding eligibility for the google adsence account. Criteria for apply for google adsence is as follows:

    1. Profile details with Address updated
    2. Minimum 10 valid articles approved
    3. Achieved GOLD Level
    4. Received atleast 1 prize
    5. Member Active for 6 months+
    6. Profile photo uploaded & verified requires member must meet atleast 5 out of the 6.
    I just want to know from all the adsence account holder is this 5 out of 6 criteria is fixed or some one had got with 4 out of 6 criteria also.Also i want to know out of above mentioned 6 criterias which are the must criterias to be met.

    Thanks & regards,
    Vivek sharma

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    Hello Vivek, one need to met 5 requirements out of 6. Do not worry about it, just wait till you become the Gold level member. After achieving this level you can apply for the Google adsense program. For terms and conditons please visit this link for getting idea of adsense. Now talking about your profile-
    ¤ You had uploaded your personal photo in your profile
    ¤ You have more than 10 valid articles
    ¤ I think you have updated your address details
    ¤ You are eligible for the Revenue Share Program for March month.
    The last you need is to become Gold level member, by seeing your performance I am quite sure that you will get this level in this week. So just start posting with more energy.
    Hope I help you. Keep posting if you want to see me as the editor of Himachal Spider.

    Narender Sharma.
    Editor- Himachal Spider

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    Hello Vivek
    The criteria is fixed for all the members. The only option for you will be to get an award as I think you recently joined HSR. If you are lucky enough to get a share in HSR revenue for this month you will fulfill the condition for the award. Also rest of the conditions are in your own hand as you can become a Gold as early as you can, update your profile, upload your photo & if you become a Gold member then I am quiet sure that you must have 10 approved articles. The condition of 6 months will automatically not apply as I also got my Adsense account approved with in one month of my joining at first chance. So go ahead and work hard. For any other doubts, post in forum. GOOD LUCK

    Aim at Sky and You will Hit the Mountain Top.

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    Dear All,

    Please share your adsence revernue here so that all other will get motivated to contribute in this forum.

    Thanks and regards,
    Vivek sharma

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    Hello to all, I have earned 17.85 $ from Adsense. And I have earned this amount within 3 months.
    @Vivek- please share your earnings so that new members can get motivated to apply to adsense as soon as possible.

    Narender Sharma.
    Editor- Himachal Spider

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