Resources without proper introduction or Summary will not be appproved

Hello Friends,

This is to bring to your notice that most of the members are posting resources without introduction or without proper Summary. This is not helping in bringing the traffic to the site. Please post all the resources with proper introduction.

There are many instances where people are simply copy pasting for example Himachal Bus Schedule. People are not even bothered to change the CAPS. There is no introduction so where are the efforts and how can you expect points and cash credits in such resources?

Even while posting educational institutes there is no introduction in many cases and simply posting the contac details and courses offered which are also copied and pasted.

Similarly in other resources also the trend is the same.

Friends I would like to reiterate that we should aim for quality and not quanity.

Starting today kindly keep these things in mind and I assure you good points and cash credits but only when the resources are with proper introduction, minimum grammatical errors and free from plagiarism. This will help the site and the member both.

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Use proper summary for your resources.