Write resources on Himachal Temples and get more points and cash credits

Hello friends,

As we all are aware that Himachal Pradesh is also known as Dev Bhoomi and there are thousands of famous temples in Himachal Pradesh. Millions of people visit Himachal and visit the several temples located all over the state.

I request all the members to write resources on Himachal Pilgrim places and temples this fortnight. Good resources will be awarded with more cash credits and points.

Points to remeber while writing a resource

1. Do not leave the summary column blank. Write atleast 3 sentences in the Summary.

2. There should be no violation of copyright laws. The resource must be in your own language.

2. The introduction, explanation, text and closing of one resource should not be the same for the other. Please make sure that you are not copy and pasting your own content in all the resources.

3. The article must contain all the information about the place

4. Make sure you double check the article before posting. It should be free from spelling errors and gramatical errors.

The revenue sharing scheme is still on and all of us should try to get the maximum benefit out of it.

All the best and I look forward for your valuable contributions in HSR

Warm regards