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    Why to eat fruits though juices are available?

    Why should eat fruits though we have juices available in the marked. Since Juices has all the components that are in fruits but laking on which is most important and research is going on that aspect...
    If you know than let me also, if you don't know than ask from me. I will reply...
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    Fibre is removed and filtered out of the juices. It's advantages;
    1)It is pure roughage which is essential for reduces the digestion time.
    2)Vitamin A and Calcium normally clings to the fruit peels which we throw.
    3) The volume of roughage gives you the feeling of satiation. So you tend to avoid over eating.
    4) Citrus fruits are normally acidic in nature. Only fibrous parts have alkaline residuals which are good for our ph balance.

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    Yes all these are right

    But now a day's fibers are become a most important part of research

    Many of companies trying to artificially adding fibers in their products like juices, biscuits' etc.

    So, from my side I recommend you all eat fruit until or unless your juice is enriched or ameliorated with another good source like milk, honey or mixture of juices

    Have a healthy life

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    Don't forget, canned fruit juices are full of sugar syrup and they have chemical preservatives.
    best sources of natural fibre are;
    *wheat bran (residue in the sieve after sifting the wheat flour)
    *Take black gram,grind it coarse,pass through mesh and use the bran.
    *Use oats boiled in milk for a minuit
    *Scrape the inside of the banana peel and eat
    *Guava (Amrood) has high roughage contents
    *If you are short of time,simply take Isabgole with water,without sugar.

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