Festivals & Events of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal in fact can be termed as a mini India. Here people of different racial stocks have come together and mingled in the main stream of national life, to make this land a composite of different cultures. Festivals enliven social life and unite the people by bringing them together in joyful celebration of significant events and in shared remembrance of a common past. All the fairs and festivals celebrated in Himachal Pradesh are the result of cultural values, economic needs and time, which have been realised by the inhabitants from time to time and later given the shape of tradition.

Kullu Dusshehra : It is the famous festival celebrated in the northern India. It is called Dusshera all over but here it is called Kullu Dusshera. The actual festival begins here when it ends elsewhere. It marks the return of Lord Rama to his homeland Ayodhya. A seven day celebration marks it with the Gods of Kullu, Rupi and Seraj gathering here. For seven days dance and music fill the air. A trade fair is also held simultaneously.
Summer Festival Shimla : Lying towards extreme North, Himachal Pradesh tends to have the coldest weather. Most of its districts remain extremely cold during the year. But come summer and this 'Land of Gods' rejoices with a welcome climatic change.They celebrate this change of season in the form of Summer Festival. More commonly known as Shimla Summer Festival, the celebrations observe a huge association of men and women who gather and celebrate the advent of summer. They pay reverence to the gods by singing and dancing in gratefulness. They thank their gods for a rich harvest.
Hamir Utsav Hamirpur : Hamir utsav is a cultural Festival celebrated mainly in the Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh. The Fair is held every year in the first week of November. Numbers of cultural events showcase the dance and music of Himachal Pradesh and other states. The main aim behind the celebration of Hamir Utsav is to remember and cherish the existence of Hamirpur District. The Hamir Utsav is extremely popular among the localites of district. The local people of the district of Hamirpur as well as performers from other districts of Himachal Pradesh come to the Hamir Utsav, to take part in the folk dances and folk music held during the festival.
Mahu Naag Fair Mandi : The Mahu Nag Fair is held in the Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh in the month of April. It is an event where religious fervor combined with gaiety makes for wonderful combination. This annual fair attracts a good number of devotees visiting the Mahu Nag Temple on Sanskranti Day. Visitors to this fair will love exploring the colorful stalls selling all kinds of knick knacks to carry back home.
Minjar Festival Chamba : A fair commencing from the last Sunday of July, lasting for seven days, namely the Minjar Fair is a splendid carnival held in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Known to be a real fun fiesta, the fair comes as a welcome break to the locals and tourists both who throng the region during the fair. Celebrated with a marked enthusiasm, the fair comes as a cultural binding force as it totally rejuvenates the ethnic spirit of the people of this region. Deriving its name from the maize flower, the Minjar Fair finds a lot of legends and folklores attached to it. It is believed that an old lady wanted to meet the contemporary king of Chamba. Too poor to buy a nice gift for the king, the lady took a maize flower along and presented it to the king. The king was so greatly moved by the simplicity of the lady that he declared the day to be feted as maize day or Minjar day.