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    How to Improve Your Basic English Lesson-1

    There are three types of contributions to HimachalSpider.
    1) Data Collection and submission
    2) Reproduction of other resources with own inputs.
    3) Your own thoughts presented as articles.

    Apart from that, you need to express yourself in various forums. You maybe a new joining member or an accomplished writer, English writing is the common factor. You need not be an expert writer to express yourself.Your basic English should be reasonably good. I have observed, many members are avoiding writing their own detailed profiles for want of basic English. Once you are able to shed this inhibition, you will reap benefits in many other walks of your life.

    Sensing the dire need of many existing and new members, I thought of sharing a part of what I learnt from many other good people, including my teachers. I am initiating a periodical explaining the basics of English in the simplest manner.
    Unfortunately, the responses are very poor amongst our members. However, I will be satisfied even if one member benefits through these lessons.

    To begin with, I suggest,please get a grammar book of class V or VI, and learn a few Verbs along with their three forms.
    Example:Go/Went/Gone and Eat/Ate/Eaten

    And then you start with the Lesson-1, you will find in the attachment.
    Happy learning..............Shekhar Prashar
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    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for initiating such a good thing and many congratulations for the same. If you are having some easy tips for learning of english, you are requested to share the same. Also if you recommended some good books on basic english grammer and litrature, it will really help us a lot.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vivek Sharma

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    Dear Vivek, It is heartening to know that you are the first one to appreciate my effort for a good cause. Thanks for that. The best book available is Grammar by Wren and Martin. Better ask for the one meant for junior classes. That will be simpler.First of all remember about 200 verbs with their three forms. I will keep giving the tips. Meanwhile sending you some easy sentences to make, along with some vocabulary to memorize.
    Shekhar Prashar

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    Dear Sir,

    I observed that most of the things are hand written and made on your letter head, so it mean you are professional attached to english teaching.

    However thanks for your hardwork to help peoples like me to learn enlish in easy steps. Also compliment for your handwriting both in Hindi and English.

    Vivek Sharma

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    Yes Vivek, I do all my writings myself. I have tri-lingual approach in teaching English. I use Hindi as well as Panjabi to make students comfortable. I am a visiting lecturer, trying to refine Spoken English and communication skills at various educational institutions (Schools, Colleges, Institutes and Universities). Apart from my regular classes, all needy students are free to share my learning. It gives me happiness. Let me tell you,no one is perfect in English. We all are students at our different levels.

    I find your English quite good, but there is always room for improvement.As progressive people,we must keep polishing our communication skills.

    Vivek, I wanted to star rate you, but can't find any tab/option 'Rate Answer' where to click.However I will keep sending you relevant material. You are most welcome with your queries. I have added another page to he main article. Please check.

    Thanks and regards,
    Shekhar Prashar

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