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• Full Name (no nick name please)
• Correspondence Address
Telephone (with STD code)
• Permanent Address:
Telephone (with STD code)
• Cellular No. (if any)
• E-mail:

Objective: Your career objective is reflection of your enthusiasm and commitment towards your profession. Objectives should be altered for every new job. It should be translation of the job requirement. Your objective should be with a flexible approach.

Work Experience: Should be updated and in descending order i.e. first latest and then followed by rest. For eg. 2010, then 2008, then 2006 etc. mention following under work experience.
Designation – Responsibilities .Duration/tenure Milestones (if any)

Educational Qualification: Again in descending order, mention the following: Degree: Institution- year-Major Subjects- Division.

Transferable / Soft skills: (What makes you wanted in the job market – sub-title: What are Transferable or soft skills?)

Computer / IT Skills: Knowledge of both software as well as hardware. Maintenance skills will be an added advantage for you. Mention about your knowledge of internet and typing speed. (Only if it is more than 30wpm.)

Training and Assignments: Achievements/ Awards and Recognition; Achievements which projects you as a winner. This could be anything from debate competition to sports to cultural etc. Being house Captain, Captain of your team conveys that you have a leadership quality and you are a person who can be comfortably working in a team.

Assets: Your personal qualities that makes you a better and efficient human being and a successful professional.

Language known: English, of course, Hindi and any other Regional or Foreign Language.

Volunteer Services: If you have given your service for a social cause does mention it, it conveys you are a people's person and think about other also.

Interest /Hobbies: Mention hobbies that makes you a better human being for eg a person taking interest in gardening conveys he /she is compassionate .Do not mention hobbies like bird watching ,chatting ,watching TV and gossiping.

Personal Details: Date of birth – Gender Nationality (only if applying to an international organization) - Father's name – occupation – Mother's name – occupation – passport and driving license details.

For positions where physical status plays vital role.

Physical status: Height –Weight –eye sight – complexion – colors of hairs.

Date: Signature