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    WiMax (Emerging Technology)


    It is a set of protocols which provide fixed and dynamic internet access. Started with a speed of of 40 Mbps and now it is capable of delivering up-to 1 GB/sec. The name WiMax was given by the community who were using a the forum and were also the developers of this technology.It was believed that this will be the next generation technology which can impart the pinnacle of mobile internet access.

    Today, this technology has given a new look to the remote areas, where internet or the global connectivity was just a dream. Not only this, the speed is relatively high as compared to the modern dial up or 3g connections. When we look at its history, it shows that this technology has upgraded itself in every terms, take it speed or the remote area connectivity. WiMAX belongs to the IEEE 802.16 family of
    wireless-networks standards under WiMAX Forum.

    Area of Influence

    The bandwidth and area of WiMAX goes like this:
    Can be devised with n numbers of devices to provide global connectivity.
    Gives the relief from the hub of wires.
    Gives real time play-back without streaming and a good alternative for (VoIP) services.
    Gives the business people more power to explore their endeavor.

    Internet access

    WiMAX is capable of providing the fastest possible static and dynamic internet access with blazing speed which is not possible with other 3g or any DSL lines.


    When we talk about the connecting part of this very technology, then the term subscriber unit comes into play.
    These are the devices specially designed and programmed in order to connect with the towers of WiMax. This technology can directly accessed from the satellites for which again the different codes are embedded into the device. The packs are available from user to user. For the community/ business users the packs are according to their need and thus we can say that this technology has more to offer to different people of different communities
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    1GB/sec ????
    It can give upto 70 Mbps at max.

    its 'b' not 'B' in 70 Mbps

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    it was giving error while writing it. nt a big deal but now-a-days it is capable of providing 1Gb/sec too.....just google regarding the same.
    Sumit Chandel

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    you can make it capable of anything in research labs but bringing it on streets for use at that speed is difficult.

    1 Gbps ?? got ny links to verify that??.....even 70 Mbps is bandwidth, maximum users will get only 30-40 Mbps average speed

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    yup, that's a truth but we always talk about the maxx. of anything.Even take the case of 3g it offers less speed depending upon the bandwidth allocation.
    Sumit Chandel

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    3g in USA gives around 800 to 1000 KBps download speed but in india i really dnt think you will get beyond 200 to 300 KBps ....

    WiMax too offers below 30 Mbps mostly

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    In a 3g speed test in USA (AT n T and T-Mobile) speed varied from 700 KBps to 1.7 MBps :P

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    in 3g i m getting 450 kbps (idea) in a village named as oachghat. it exceeds your mentiones assumed limits.
    Sumit Chandel

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    450 kbps equals 56.2 kBps.
    I get 20 KBps when i am in my village on gprs coz traffic is less there, but in my clg it goes down to 5 kBp even.
    I stated an average downlod speed which i ve experienced on airtel.

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    my friends in bangalore and delhi have said about getting 500 to 750 kBp on 3g but with 7mbps plan on docomo.
    In cities it is different scenario but i am talking about himachal here.

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    Well, in Himachal I was able to download a 702 Mb file in half an hour with idea 3-G network. SO, I think that this is satisfactorily much higher than any dial-up or broadband access. also, I would like to add, no interference is observed in the speed if we have any call/msg coming side by side as it used to happen in 2-g network. In networking, you get a speed of 1/8 as mentioned by your ISP(Internet Service Provider).
    Sumit Chandel

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