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    Festivel of Rohru THE ROHRU MELA

    ROHRU mela is annual festivel of rohru it is celebrated every year in month of April usually it lies between 20-25 april it last for 5days.
    it is celebrated to give the most regard to local lord SHIKRU DEVTA. site of cellibration of mela is the playground infront of temple here all the tranditional procedure are followed which are related to shikru ji.

    modren mela is celebrated with happiness & energy, people enjoy the phari nati, dance, singing. there are distingueshed singer called from the bollywood as well. the stage show is day as well as night.

    there are verious shopes and stall opned in ground and road side from where people enjoy the shoping. child takes enjoy of toys and sweets. the all age people takes enjoy for 5days. there is a big croud in rohru these days as people comes from verious places.

    there is great earning of sweetseller, chowin and mo-mo stall also ice cream corners earn good amount. there also shoping complex opned for short period where there is newer iteam for purchage.

    one bad thing about rohru mela is that some young and fulish people drinks during mela and induldge in the fighting and quarrals. which is bad thing to stop such kind of instances himachal police plays important role.
    one should vist rohru and see the rohru mela.

    O P Verma
    silver member himachalspider
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