Drug Menace Alarming In Kullu (कुल्लू में खतरनाक दवा गंभीर खतरा)

The valley is known as DevBhomi it is infamous for cannabis sativa (Charas) or bhang cultivation and drug trafficking where about 1.7 tonnes of charas was seized during first decade of 21st century from anout 1500 person including 200 foreign national.

though the police claims that it has checked the meanace to a great extant, the amount of drug seizure and cannabis cultivation every year. Top officals from the judiciary, police and the Narcotis Control Bureau (NCB), who have controlled it to wide extant.

Focus of the law enforcement agencies should be to check big drug trafficking and kingpins operating in various guises as suppliers of hybrid seed to villagers and operators of drug carriers.
Many panchayats in districts of Kullu, Chamba, Shimla, Sirmaour, and Kinnaur are the mass producer of cannabis in HIMACHAL. THE MOST OF THE areas of these panchyats are located at very high altitude where road are not till reached so inspection of these villages are very difficult. The villagers of the are have decided cultivation and sale of cannabis as their proffesion for earning their lives and for their development. As the the production and prepartion of cannabis needs little hardwork and gives prosspes money. So they have left any other works and foccus on production of bhang.

Only the laws, police, NCB and other agencies can not control and check on the production of drugs, but all people should come forward for it. the villagers which are not informed about adverse effect should educated the adverse effect of drugs. Then we can make Himachal Dug free. We want himachal Drug free.

Stop Drug Abuse

with regard,
O P Verma