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    Why some questions are locked for the new members?

    Please tell me. Why the new members cannot open all the questions. And how can i increase my points. Please guide me and shoe me the right path.

    Thank You

    Navneet Thakur.
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    Please tell about which question are you talking about?

    Regarding How to make points: Answered in your other forum message.

    Narender Sharma.
    Editor- Himachal Spider

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    There are lot of question in the Form > Himachal section.

    and the another question is related to the points.

    So, please give the answer to both question.

    And also give the answer 3rd one. Which is in the attachment area.

    Thank You



    Delete Attachment

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    Please give your Gmail id or Gtalk address. I will add you there and will rectify all your doubts. So please give me your mailing adress.
    Narender Sharma.
    Editor- Himachal Spider

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    Can you please contact me at facebook.

    Please contact me at yahoo messenger, my yahoo id is

    First you have to install the yahoo messenger.

    Thank You

    Navneet Thakur

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