Induction of Homoeopathic Graduates in Public Health System in India

The Public Health System of India to cover-up the shortage of allopathic physician has adopted the new type of health work force of non-physicians to work in rural area as a health services providers. This, in fact; is not only dilution of the existing standard of the health services providers with in a medicine system, but it is controversial too. States like MP and Assam has already followed, rest may follow in future.

Under the subject "Which Doctor For Primary Health Care" the constituted committee in 2010 has concluded that the RMA is perfect as Rural Health Provider, apart from the different scenario the report described that "due to limitations on the expansion of medical education and the orientation in the MBBS course that creates graduates with professional and personal expectations that are incompatible with serving in rural areas". While in study the AYUSH (BHMS and BAMS) Graduate Physicians has been considered as non-physician clinicians at par with Rural Medical Assistants (RMA) and paramedical health workers (Pharmacists and Nurses). As such the RMA non-physician (Rural Medical Assistant) – the person holding diploma (2 / 3 years) in Modern & Holistic Medicine also known as Bachelors of Rural Health Care (BRHC), are being deployed in Public Health Centers and Community Health Centers of rural area, in lieu of graduate allopathic physicians (MBBS) or graduate BHMS and BAMS Physicians.

The motive of the committee either may be just to widen the allopathic health system, or for the sake of allopathic drug manufactures, but it is not justified in any way to adopt the different standard of health service providers for the residents of rural area. The dilution of the standard of health services providers, in any form can not be said as solution; alternate should be equal and like that, it may be in other Medicine System; as the Homoeopathy Medicine System has been adopted by the Kerala State, India. Every Medicine System has its own appropriateness and likewise it is learned that in Homeopathy V GRADE cancers have been successfully treated with effective success rate of cure as 60% to 80 %.

The rural public also has every right at par with urban public. There is a need to attract the public opinion on this indifferent attitude toward rural public of India as well as in the interest of Graduate BHMS and BAMS Physicians. There is link for this petition to "Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) Government of India" regarding "Induction of Homoeopathic Graduates in Public Health System in India" and you can too endorse your online signature on this petition at