How to Post in Forums?

Hello Everyone and Welcome to, a regional Website completely dedicated for the state of Himachal, also known as the Deva Bhumi, The Land of Gods.

This thread, Forum Posting Guidelines, tries to give the ways and how to guidelines for everyone and the members of Himachal Spider, to post their articles in the Forum Section of

Welcome to HimachalSpider (H.S.R.), the regional website from Spider Technologies dedicated in whole and soul for the State of Himachal Pradesh in India.

Here is some useful information for the new members:-

What is H.S.R.?

HS is the short name for HSR is the fastest growing Regional Website for Himachal Pradesh in India, helping its members and all alike to provide information about Himachal Pradesh and the activities going in and around the state and also providing opportunities to make some money during their free time. Our primary goal is provide valuable informative content to the people in India and those adventurers finding information about Himachal Pradesh. Members who provide such informative material and help us through various activities to grow this site will earn revenue from us.

Forum Posting Guidelines

These guidelines make sure that your post in the Forums look good when people search for the related terms and articles on the internet and thus they have a ready information and do not need to bounce back to the search engines to search again for the same article.

1. Read the New Member FAQ so that you will come to know the in and outs of the website.

2. Always write a good Title for your Forum post. Remember, whatever you write is also yours. So a shabby title will represent the shabby you. A nice title with correct grammar will always do good for you.

3. Always use small letters when writing in Forums with only the first letter of the first word in a sentence being capital. Use Capital letters only when necessary. For example, when writing the name of a country like India, writing I, mentioning someone's name, like Tony John, etc. When you write in CAPITAL LETTERS, IT SEEMS LIKE YOU ARE YELLING INSTEAD OF WRITING. SO DO NOT USE CAPITAL LETTERS <- Like this.

4. Write in your own words. It is a good habit. It increases your vocabulary and also originality and originality is favored by everyone and the search engines too!

5. Copied content, irrelevant content and spamming will be properly taken care for.

6. Loving and Caring for someone is really good, but mentioning it over here how you did it! Not favored. No vulgar and private scenes here, please.

7. I am a copy paste artist! I can earn points in a jiffy. Not actually! Editors here are constantly on a prowl of the black magic and dealing with it promptly. If you spell regular black magic, you loss, if you are persistent, you loss completely! So be aware of the editors at HimachalSpider.

8. If you have any queries and doubts, post them in the Forums and our editors will answer you promptly.


Dr. Apurva A. Tamhane