Strange Tree in Kullu standing upside down

A description of a holy tree in the Kullu district. Its is standing upside down, which makes it very different from other trees.

Strange Deodar Tree in Anni Tehsil of Kullu

Where there have been the existence of Gods, miracles have often been witnessed in such places. Since Himachal Pradesh has been the abode of Gods, their incarnations, sages and saints since ages. They all had immense supernatural powers gained through years of meditation and prayers. There are several miraculous things done by them which even exist today that keep us dumbfounded. Though science has extended a lot in matters of development yet it is unable to answer many things.

One of such strange structures is a tall ‘Deodar’ tree in the Anni tehsil of the Kullu. District. The exact location is the place called ‘Sheol’. Believe it or Not, the strange feature about this tree is that it is upside down. That is its roots are at the top while its apex is dug deep in the ground. It is a matter of surprise for everybody who watches this tree. Botany says, a tree draws its nourishment from the roots to all the parts of the tree. According to this concept the tree would have died or fallen or become completely dry. On the contrary, the tree bear leaves every year. Its branches are towards the bottom whereas the roots can be seen at the top. The diameter of the trunk increases from bottom to top rather than decreasing. Another strange fact about this tree is that it is the only tree of its kind that is located at the particular place. The place is at a little low height where there is no vegetation of Deodar trees. It is the only Deodar tree present there.


Myth Behind the Tree

Few kilometers from the place ‘Sheol’ is holy place called ‘Paneu’ which is at an altitude of about 7200 feet. It is a dense jungle covered with Deodar trees all around. The place is supposed to be the residence of the local deity ‘Paneue Nag’. It is believed that hundreds of year back a tree was uprooted by this deity out of anger and thrown down the hills, that it reached the low altitude place called ‘Sheol’. There it was fixed upside down. Since then it is growing in the same manner. It is regarded as a holy tree among the local people and worshipped.

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