State Animal, Bird and Flower of Himachal

A brief description to the state animal, bird and flower of Himachal. The importance of these species and an appeal to protect them from getting extinct.

Like we have national animal, bird, and flower (tiger, peacock, lotus respectively), similarly each Indian state has its state animal, bird and flower. Since different states in India have different regions, climate, cultivation, therefore the wildlife and the vegetation associated with the also differs. Some animals and plants are found in one state while some in other. The basic motive behind designating a particular animal, flower or bird to as a state feature or national feature is to protect them from getting extinct. Mostly, those types of creatures are chosen to this rank that has the biggest threat of being getting extinct in the coming years.

Earlier Himachal had Monal as its state bird, Musk deer as the state animal and Rhododendrum arboretum as the state flower. They were changed at the 3rd State Wildlife board Meeting chaired by Shri Virbhadra Singh. New ones are as follows:

State Animal of Himachal:

Snow leopard is now the state animal of Himachal. It replaced the musk deer. One of the most endangered animals in the Himachal region is the snow leopard. It is found at very high altitudes that experience heavy snowfall. The number of snow leopards left in the state is very less now.

See the amazing picture of State animal: Snow Leopard

State Bird of Himachal:

Western Tragopan replaced the bird Monal for the state bird of Himachal. Its scientific name is Tragopan melanocephalus. Since, Monal is also the state bird of Uttrakhand and National bird of Nepal, there was a need to chose some new species of bird as state bird for Himachal. Western Tragopan was chosen keeping in view its beauty and decreasing number in Himachal. Wester Tragopan is popularly known as the ‘King of the birds’. It is also known as Jujurana.

See the amazing picture of State bird:Western Tragopan

State Flower of Himachal:

Pink Rhododendron is now the state flower of Himachal. It replaced Rhododendrum arboretum. It is a very beautiful flower with pink coloured petals. Its scientific name is Rhododendron campanulatum. According to the reports of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Pink Rhododendron comes under the endangered species of flower while Rhododendrum arboretum does not.

See the amazing picture of State flower:Pink Rhododendron

We all the Himachalis should pledge not to kill the animals, birds and our beautiful vegetation. It is because of these beauties of nature, that Himachal breath so pure.

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