Preservation of our protected culture- women at the crossroads

Rapid modernization and globalization had a telling effect on the social and cultural fabric, the world over. In the name of economic prosperity the women have been shown the way out of their secured home and hearth and settled into work place, normally regarded as a male bastion. Our women have lost much of the sense of security while the sheen on their dignity has suffered considerable erosion.We must devise ways and means to counter the onslaught of this revolution on our sensitivities.

The information revolution is here to stay as a global phenomena. The internet is a double-edged weapon. It gives us a lot while taking it's toll on us in many ways. As it is evident from it's name, Internet is really an "Illusion net" or a "Mayajaal" in the literal sense. It is a massive encyclopedia. It is resourcefully programmed to satisfy all your inquisitions. It is a mega platform where one and all are welcome to show presence. Once you are accustomed to it's weaved candy-floss like sweetness, you are drawn and sucked into this all- encompassing black hole. It is a Tsunami which would gobble up various protective layers of age-old traditions and cultures. Along with the advantages of information and knowledge in various fields, the Internet bombards us with tempting apples like porno-surfing, chatting with strangers, exposing ourselves precariously to various community sites.

Whenever a revolution has taken place on our planet, the stronger sex of our species has been in the forefront to bear the brunt of the evils attached to it. While the men folk toiled outside, fighting their own private economic battles or participating in national wars, the women folk took the mantle of raising the upcoming generations. For centuries, the fire hearth remained the cradle of civilization. That was only possible, since the weaker sex always had the privilege of protection within the four walls of homes. But these walls do not seem to be secure any longer. The Information and Communication revolution, coupled with other economic factors, experienced in the last two decades, have threatened to crumble these four walls. The women have been taken out of the home and inducted into the workplace. They are no longer the major and sole contributors in child rearing and home making responsibilities. Their vulnerabilities have been exposed to the outside world. Perhaps, in the din of the 'gender equality', the sanctity and the real meaning of 'woman's liberation' has blurred. The unpalatable fall outs are there for us to see, in the form of increasing insecure atmosphere as well as the eroding respect for woman's dignity, in our society at large. Unfortunately this whole process does not seem reversible. The people at the helm in our legislatures and judiciaries may do their positive bit in the right direction, in order to stem any further erosion of the woman's position in our societies the world over. It is our prime duty to devise some practical, befitting an cardinal commandments in order to preserve the warp and the weft of the social fabrics, for times to come.

I could cobble up a few humble suggestions, which could work as practical tips, for the women,.to blunt some of the harmful fall outs of the cyber onslaught.

The Commandments
Do not be in a hurry to join a social / community site. Do not jump to the tempting invitation by someone on your mail box. Do not hesitate to consult some wiser and
experienced people before you click 'yes' on it.
If at all you decide to join one, give an assumed name.
Never upload your real profile picture.
Your profile should be brief and inconclusive.
Never upload your solo picture. Always show yourself in a group.
Don't upload your recent photo.
Reduce photo's pixels down to a few KB so that it's enlargement becomes grainy and useless.
Don't give your contact ( phone / email ) on these sites, for public view.
Your email should be available to a selected, trusted few near ones.
Never ever share your passwords with anyone, however trusted he/she may be.
Never give away your actual passwords to these sites. This way they retrieve your contact list. A never- ending 'vicious' cycle of common friend permutation and combination starts with much wider ramifications than you you can think.
Never be impressed to see your box full of friends waiting in the queue to be approved by you. Those 'friends' don't even know that their names are being displayed in this manner. In case you do approve, they don't even know who has approved them. This process injures many self-esteems. And you are one of them.
Chatting with strangers - the real danger zone. Restrict your chatting to your family and the trusted near and dears only. Chatting has put more girls in harm's way than any other cyber means. The trouble in cases of 'Stranger Chatting' and 'Random Chatting' is that you are never sure who really is on the other end. Many criminals of sex offense and paedophilia are lurking behind the key boards to victimize many innocent and unsuspecting young women and children. About the men with such intent, many psychologists believe,there are only two kinds of women : 1) Dignified and inaccessible. 2)Easy and available. So, do not ever present yourself as fodder for such people. Maintain your dignity. You have to be smart enough to protect yourself. Don't lower your guards.

Remember, in today's modern society, a section of men target not the dignity of women, but the tarnished image and lowered grace, for which another section of women are responsible at some other time and some another place.


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