Crafts of Himachal Pradesh

The article lists the information about the crafts of Himachal Pradesh including the cloth and shawls and other metal works. The article also lists jewelry worn and made by the people of Himachal Pradesh. The article also tells about the various influences which can be seen in the crafts made in Himchal Pradesh.

Apart from paintings and embroidery, there are other crafts in Himachal Pradesh that are very well known around the country and the world. The major craft works of Himachal Pradesh are leather craft, jewelry, metal crafts etc.
Leather works of Himachal Pradesh

From the cloth embroidery to leather, the people of Himachal Pradesh are skilled with extraordinary embroidery skills which they also do in leathers, varying range of products being purses, chappals, socks, belts, sandals etc. The footwear made by the leather craftsmen are extremely comfortable to wear and are embroidered with colorful threads, red, yellow, green, blue, black gold etc which attracts the eye of tourist and sometimes when it's the time of festivals in the state, these leather products are high in demand and often the tourists wish to take them as a memento. The leather works of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most renowned crafts and it also contributes to the economy of the state as well as the people.

Jewelry in Himachal Pradesh

Image 1Another of the most famous art crafts popular in demand in the Himachal Pradesh is the jewelry. The hill people usually wear bead-styled jewelry which has large chunks of metals such as gold and silver and bordered with metals. The people in the area are dressed from head to toe with various kinds of such jewelry and thus making it one of the most demanded art craft of the state for tourists as well as local people. The most famous jewelry of Himachal Pradesh include amulets, pendants, necklaces, daggers and rings etc which have the local royal touch different from the regular gold and silver jewelry.

Being of the states ruled for long by the kings, the jewelry of the state portrays the traditional Rajput-like designs in the products which are crafted with gold and silver mostly. The Rajputs were said to be famous for their enameling skills and thus this style is visible in the jewelry products of Himachal Pradesh. Among some of the royal designs found in the products, the most well known are the elliptical anklets, iron-headed bangles, forehead ornaments which are the shape of a peepal leaf, chandanhaars or necklaces of several long silver chains entangled together into a beautiful design, and other pendants with motifs of goddesses.

Another very famous jewelry product among the local women are kach, which are chokers made of silver beads and plaques and collar like hansali are also very popular ornaments of Himachal Pradesh. Some other jewelry of Himachal Pradesh includes the influence of Tibetian craft which include ornaments studded with fairly precious stones like coral, turquoise etc.

Metalwork and Mohra of Himachal Pradesh

Image 4Among the handicrafts, Himachal Pradesh is also very well known for the quality metal crafts like copper, brass, iron, tin and bell metal. The statues made of copper and brass are very beautifully carved and other products like bells and mugs have very magnificent designs carved in the body. The metal works also include lamps whose handles are designed with carvings, incense burners, and the ornate required in temples are also very beautifully carved and designed. The metalwork of Himachal Pradesh is very well known around the world and the tourists are fascinated by the designs in metal ornate in Himachal Pradesh. Another metal craft which is very unique and popular is the Mohra of Himachal Pradesh. They are metal plaques and represents deity of the chamba and kullu. The mohras made of brass and copper usually contain carvings of lord Shiva and mother Goddess. Each of the village has its own distinct mohra and the traditions of making mohras are as old as the 14th century A.D.

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