Himachal Winter (A fine collection of different sports)

All the scenic beauty and a vast treasure of the Himalayan drift can be found at this very state itself. People across the globe rush like anything to get the most beautiful terrain and landscape. Since, this is all about winters; therefore all the information regarding the various sports can be achieved here in this article. Be sure to take the necessary precautions and rest all would be fine. Enjoy your winters to utmost and take good memories this time in your visit to the state.

This year again you have your holidays; again you are planning to visit the place where you get the maximum of your money and time. So, be there where all of your dreams come into reality in a very single place. The memories you take along with you makes you feel better and you just love to be here again. Whether you are looking for thrilling expeditions and mountaineering and heli-skiing, these are the sports that interest you more, then head towards the northern part of India, push yourself with some of the best extreme sports destinations of the world. Worth checking out are Manali, Shimla, kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. So, what are you waiting for! Just pack your sports gadgets and get going.

Here, winter sports are not just about snow skiing, there are plenty of activities one can try out. If you are scared of heights and skiing is not exactly interest, then how about skating? Or Ice Skating? You just need to smooth up your balancing act on skates and leave the rest to the snow.

well, ice skating is somewhat same as skiing, the only difference is that in this skiing you have to travel downhill, which needs much concentration and a hard practice before, but the later need just the interest and rest goes very fine. Whether you want to have a skating partner or whether you want to do it alone, ice-skating is a sport, which needs a much better balancing act than in ordinary skating. The best options to try out ice-skating in Himachal is Shimla, where every year a winter sports festival is held and this sport is one of the major attractions of it. For the new comers it's very easy to learn, just try the simple balancing techniques and you will learn all the things in a very short period of time.

Ice Climbing & Mountaineering

A totally thrilling sport, where a single fault surely means fatal accident, mountaineering is a sport that has challenge in every step. The Indian Himalayas yield every kind of challenge. A climber could ask for, unparalleled in scope for high mountain adventure. Himachal Pradesh is the best site for carrying out it as a sport, the ever dynamic Himalayas stands tall and asks you to conquer over them by reaching at their summit and raising your flag of victory.
Among the Indian Himalayas, the most challenging peaks that climbers crave to climb are Nanda Devi and Kanchenjunga. For the biggest mountaineering challenges in India, a climber can opt the Himachal Himalayas, Kullu & Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh. So, if you have it in with you, come and join the missions and be the first to raise the flag of your victory right there on the summit.


The hills of Himachal Pradesh have all the ingredients for adventure packed with excitement and thrills and lots of unexplored valleys, lofty mountains gives you some parallel experience and makes your skiing joyful. But before you take on your next expedition of skiing in any place in Himachal, there are few things you have to keep in mind. Skiing is not just about putting on warm clothes and head towards the snowy slopes with your skies. Himalayas is the most active place and one must also adhere to this activeness, for that one must try to keep the basic instructions before going out to some action. The basic skiing gear that is counted for skiing is the flexibility of the clothing. The fabrics that can keep the body's temperature balanced according to the outside climate. Stretch fabrics have a more relaxed and versatile capacity, which is basically required while skiing down a snowy mountain and doing extreme skiing. Better fitting styles and waterproof wear are a better option for skiers for the wider range of motion. So, go to the mall and get the best suit for yourself as per the instructions according to your instructor. Other skiing gear items are ski goggles, ski helmets, ski socks and skies.

Googles are the most important gadget of this sport, it protects with the sunlight and the chilling winds passing by your side. Extreme weather conditions makes skiing on the slopes even more difficult if you do not have decent ski goggles with you. A comfortable helmet is always a good option and provides a good protection while skiing or snowboarding. The snow conditions over these parts remain excellent over here from the months of December to April. Skiers can find all kind of modern facilities and world class equipments for skiing in Himachal.

There are ultimate destinations such as Kufri, Narkanda, Manali in Himachal Pradesh. The Manali Region in Himachal Pradesh also offers scope for winters as well as summer skiing. It has excellent natural slopes and in the winter months has unlimited skiing possibilities at Narkanda. Last but not the least is Kufri, which has always been a favourite among ski lovers who visit Shimla in winters. So prepare your skies and enjoy through the snow.

Skiing Places in India

• Kufri, H.P
• Narkanda, H.P.
• Manali, H.P.

Heli Skiing

Now, you have mastered your skiing and you just don't care about the risk part of high altitude skiing and have got the courage against all odds then, Heli Skiing is just for you. The helicopter is going to leave you at the top of a snow capped peak and from there you just have to criss-cross your way downward. This sport challenges the risk-taking explorer in you, as you have to ski down through unknown routes and ridges. Himachal Himalayan region is just the best way to start off this thrilling sport. Some of the best choices include Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, Rohtang Pass and Chandrakhani Pass near Manali.

Before making your mint to this very sport, some key points to keep in mind include how many groups will be carried by one helicopter; the type of lodging skiers are going to get; the exact height of the start point from where the skiing will begin and the most important one the equipment and services availability.
Carefulness is always important when you are planning to have skiing expeditions on the glacial regions as there are potential dangers involved over there. There are always chances to have Avalanche in the snowy areas, that's why make it a point to check upon the snow conditions and weather information from the sports associations and information centre of that particular region.
The second important safety fact is flying. Helicopter skiing pilots are seasoned professionals who are thorough with the winter flying conditions within the mountains. They are alert to the onset of sudden weather changes and work together with your guide to ensure maximum safety. Always remember that the snowy regions are prone to accidents, so always pre-plan your ski trip keeping the precautions in mind. Be aware of the latest updates from the local weather forecast system and the best one you can connect with is in Shimla and take security measures to avoid any miss-happening.

Himalayas surrounding Himachal is full of ultimate skiing destinations and if you are an extreme sports lover and experienced enough to climb the glacial regions, then take up you heli skiing venture among the the sides of Kinnaur. Consistent heavy snowfalls and variety of mountain ranges, the Himalayas provide the best attributes for any skier. In addition to the numerous ski resorts throughout the Himalayan region, you can also find the ultimate skiing experiences of heli skiing over here.

For the first timer heli skiing at the remote locations is always an experience to remember. Remote destination lodge such as the onces located in Manali, provide multiple day packages and are considered to be the best heli skiing regions of the Himalayas.
The Manali heli skiing expeditions involve helicopters, which are going to drop keen skiers onto peaks as high as 6,500m. The high peaks reduce the wind speed at lower levels where one skis, resulting in consistent, light and powdery snow. Powder skiing is easier to learn with the new thick kind of skis, especially if you are new to skiing.

The places you can surf for are:-
• Hanuman Tibba, Manali, H.P.
• Deo Tibba, Manali, H.P.
• Rohtang Pass, Manali, H.P.
• Chandrakhani Pass, Manali, H.P.

River Rafting

The collection of rivers in Himachal Pradesh is very much large, the stream is very fast since the slope is really high and the sport is really full of adventures. The rivers in the upper Himalayas are among the best in the world for river rafting sports, with many staircase rapids that challenge the body and spirit of the river runner. One can become a skilled rafter in just a few hours of training and the rafting training facilities exist in different parts of Himachal Pradesh. Many tourist agencies and state departments also conduct courses in river rafting.

One must carry dry bags; dry bags or boxes to secure small personal items you may bring with you and it usually also have room to accommodate an extra layer of clothing. Be sure to take any necessary prescription medications such as inhalers, insulin etc. Avoid taking your car keys, wallets, cell phones etc. with you for the rafting trip. Also take along sunscreen, sunglasses with a strap to secure them and a camera. Disposable waterproof cameras are easily available, easy to take along with you and take good quality pictures.
Appropriate rafting gear on most rivers during the summertime is a simple swimsuit, nylon shorts, tennis shoes or sandals, and a hat. Spring and autumn rafting trips are the ones that require additional clothing. In any case be sure to dress in layers so that you can easily add or remove articles, as you need. Avoid cotton clothing while rafting, except in summers as cotton takes away the warmth from your body. Wool, polyester fleece and other synthetic materials will keep you warmer and will dry faster than cotton. Many rafting clubs have wetsuits available for rent.

Here, the most popular rafting sites include the Beas River of Himachal Pradesh. The rafting trip can be started off from the options available on the Beas River and its major tributaries.
The most difficult and exciting white water rafting option is on the Sutlej River, along its spectacular course through the gorge in the Himalayan Mountains, between Kinnaur and spiti regions. This river course is suitable only for well-organized white-water expeditions, prepared for several days for river running and camping in the absolute wilds of Sutlej region.
Sutlej River has always remains a mystery for explorers and full of surprises for the rafters.
Himachal Pradesh's snow-fed rivers offer tremendous opportunities for the challenging sport of rafting. The rivers Chandrabhaga in Lahaul, the Sutlej near Shimla, and the Ravi near Chamba and the Beas near Kullu offer immense white water rafting possibilities. There are tremendous river running expedition oppurtunities between Shamshi and Aut on the Beas. The 20-km stretch has exciting and extreme white water rapids.

River Rafting in Himachal

• Beas River, Himachal
• Satluj River, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
• Ravi, Chamba, Himachal Pradesh
• Chandra, Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh


India happened to be a world to play Golf, since the time of Britishers rule. The British gifted capital the game of Golf. The sport of Golf grew amidst the lush green farms; the soothing landscape and the fervor for the game make many a men move. Blessed with a vast treasure of natural bounties, Shimla the state capital of Himachal Pradesh is an ideal holiday resort for those seeking a respite from the excruciating heat of Indian summers. Located on the slopes of lower Himalayas, surrounded by green hills with snow-capped peaks, and magnificently robed in dense forests of oak, pine, fur and rhododendron, Shimla is today one of the most sought after hill stations. A suitable site was finally chosen close to Shimla at Naldehra (23 km). The Naldehra Golf links are one of the oldest in the country and also the most 'sporting' east of the Suez. Located on a spur, the Naldehra course is crowned by a beautiful grove of deodar trees, and commands a spectacular view of the Shivalik ranges. The Naldehra course is carpetted by a fine springy turf which requires little maintenance.

The terrific landscape demands lofty and sure shots, as a stray ball would tend to roll off the hillside into the 'out-of-bounds' areas. The greens are extremely fast and have to be read carefully. It is difficult to master the Naldehra course as a misjudged drive would change direction on hitting the rocky part of the fairway. Hazards on the course include an artificial water tank, cliffs with greens on the edges, and a local temple. A game of golf can be pleasantly interrupted by a colourful procession of hillfolk bringing a deity from a nearby village to confer with the deity at the Naldehra temple. It is well worth spending a night or two in the log huts in Naldehra's deodar forest. The woods are teeming with a variety of birds, and the apple orchards nearby offer fresh fruit. Naldehra is more than just a game of golf; it's a complete outdoor holiday.


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