Truth of black money

Why does government is fearing by the movement of BABA RAMDEV who was against the black money and corruption.In this article,I will try to tell about black money,how much is it? and which persons are corrupted and who is linked with national evil BlACK MONEY.

1.what is black money?-The amount of money that comes from doing illegal works like transfering the cash of national development programmes to personal bank accounts,doing taxes theiving is called money is ournational property on which 121 crore indians have their piece in it.In India we have 89 type of land mines which are of 20 thousand lakh crore.Inwhich the coal,iron,gas,petrol,diamondand other national property land.2.G,3.G and other valuable products which are of 100 lakh crore are sold by our national corrupted leaders and the money gained by solding the valuabe products get deposited in bank of india and also in international banks.on this money,the corrupted leaders do not have their any part.That is our national property.

2.How much,this black money is?-According to Global financial integrate,World Bank, taxjustice network,and other organisation it is proved that 400 lakh crore rupees o india is Black Money.In which 75% of money is deposited in interenational countries like Switzerland,maurities,dubai,singapur,louxmbourg and rest of trhe 25% of money is currently in India in the form of gold,land and in other sources.

3.who hasinvested our national money in international banks and who is doing use of our money-National leaders or political leadres ,some buisnessmen,and some corrupted executives have blackmoney with them.The international countries in which our indian currency is invested,are doing progress day by day with a lot of assistance of our indian rupees.but on other hand india like countries are depermoting day by day and suffering from poority,hungariness and with many more undescriable situations.
NOTE:unfortunately the black money called by us get deposited in international bank like swiss bank and that same money,come in the form of external date in countries like America,France,Britain etc and also the same money comes back in India in the form of foreign investment.

let's have a look on (external debt)
America - 14.39 Trilliondollor - 647.55 lakh crore rupees.
Germany - 4.7 TrillionDollar - 212.8 lakh crore rupees.
France - 4.69 TrillionDollar - 211.1 lakh crore rupees.
England - 8.98 Trilliondollar - 404.1 lakh crore rupees.
Italy - 2.22 Trillion Dollor - 100.3 lakh crore rupees.

let's have a look on (public debt.)
America - 8.62 trillion dollar- 388.29 lakh crore rupees.
Germany - 2.60 trillion dollar - 117.37 lakh crore rupees.
France - 2.15 trillion dollar - 96.9 lakh crore rupees.
England - 1.71 trillion dollar - 77.11 lakh crore rupees.
Italy - 2.42 trillion dollar - 108.9 lakh crore rupees.

In this way,approxiately about 2 thousand lakh crore rupees in which India have 300 to 400 lakh crore black money and also other 100 crores in India's financial condition.Black money has become a big obstacle between the path of development of India.due to poority in india thousands of people are dyeing.According to global hunger report,13 people in one minute,883 people in 1 hour and 20,000 people in one year dies anually.
The day when , the corruption get washed from india, on that time India will become the most powerfull country of the world and Indian 1 rupee value is equal to 50 dollars.
So to stop this buisness of blackmoney, we ,must awaken the people about their rights, about their shares and to take the information about national development programmes and governmental money spent in them. we can take an y information in any field with a diginity of right to information act(R.T.I.).
we must also support Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare like people in our society.


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