A private hospital with enviornment of mandir and ashram

I had a surgical operation at Sai Sanjivani Hospital, Solan & remained hospitalised there for 10 days. It gave me a chance to witness a real life example of a private practicing doctor working with devotion & dedication towards society. I documented my experiences in form of a Feature Story Article so that the world can know that even in today’s consumerism, there are a few modern professionals who are performing their job with sense of responsibility towards society.

On 9th December 2011, I went to Zonal Hospital, Solan to consult doctor regarding a 4-5 inches bulge, which had appeared in the left lower abdomen and had swollen with inflammation. I went to consult him because I had cough since more than a month, but now it had started causing pain in lower abdomen. Within 10-15 seconds of physical examination the doctor concluded that it was a Hernia and advised me to consult a surgeon.

I came out of hospital and went to meet Shri Virender Sood ji at his medical store, to take his advice. He is a renowned social worker in Solan who always renders his help to patients coming to Zonal Hospital, Solan. His mother is a retired nurse, and he is an experienced pharmacist who has gained a lot of knowledge about medical sciences while helping patients. As a compliment to his self-acquired knowledge of medical sciences, I call him Doctor Virender Sood.

He took me to Radiologist, who took less than 30 seconds to confidently diagnose an "Obstructed" Left Inguinal Hernia. She decisively told Virender Sood ji that the Colon – a part of intestine had got entangled in Hernia, which had to be operated through surgery within 3-4 hours.

We discussed the options regarding where to go for surgery. The opinion was same, that as everyone in Solan say good about Dr Sanjay Aggrawal therefore we should go to Sai Sanjivani Hospital which also runs a GNM Nursing Institute. Virender ji informed Dr Sanjay Aggrawal on telephone and we moved to Sai Sanjivani Hospital.

At about 1 pm when we entered the OPD of Dr Sanjay Aggrawal, there were more than fifty patients. On seeing us he asked me to immediately come in and lie down on patient bed in OPD for medical examination. He promptly, but politely examined me and studied ultrasound report. By that time, my father had also arrived and Dr Sanjay courteously explained the course of action to my father. With assistance of a nurse he inserted a cannula in my wrist arm and instructed the nurse to escort me to the ward. This whole process of initial examination and admission took not more than fifteen minutes, and I was on a bed in a patient's room.

It was a clean and hygienic room with a photo of Sathya Sai Baba, hanging on wall, just in front of my bed. Two nurses entered the room, who after pleasantly greeting me, installed an intravenous drip into cannula inserted on my wrist arm. One of those nurses was bearing a white tilak on her forehead. After a few minutes one young lady doctor (Dr Pragati Chauhan) came in and talked to me very nicely. With a tone of empathy for her patient, very softly, she enquired about my medical history and then explained me in detail about the surgical operation and also about the post-surgery treatment. Although I was already convinced that I was at the right place, because of the positive feedback I had had, through word of mouth about Dr Sanjay Aggrawal, but my opinion got stronger within the first one hour of entering the Sai Sanjivni Hospital.

At around 3.00 pm, one nurse guided me on my way to Operation Theatre. On my way to operation theatre I glimpsed on a few divine photos of Sathya Sai Baba hanging on walls of the corridors and pathways of Hospital. With an honest smile on his face Dr Sanjay Aggrawal welcomed me in a big hall-like operation theatre and introduced me to the anaesthetist, two nurses and other paramedical staff. With a good mood, I rested by body on the bed in operation theatre and felt as being treated as someone special. The anaesthetist injected medicine in my spinal cord which desensitised my lower half of the body. My eyes were covered by a cloth. As my upper half of body was conscious, I requested doctor to remove it. I think some celestial motivational force was working inside me. During the two hours long surgical operation I kept talking with the doctor and his team, without any fear of what was being operated inside my body.

Finally, after the end of surgical operation I was transported on a stretcher and was brought back on my bed in patient's room. Some pain killer injections and sedatives were given to me. After a brief sight of photo of Sathya Sai Baba, I went into sleep.

Next day in the morning, when I woke up I heard melodious voice of group of female singers singing delightful Vedic mantras. It was a blissful start of a morning, with live holy music entering my heart through my ears, and surprisingly it was a hospital! I asked nurse Sunita who was changing the dressing on the operated area of my body, about the people singing heavenly mantras and prayers. She told me that every day in the morning all students undergoing training in Nursing Institute, assemble in the Prayer Hall situated in the ground floor of the hospital and offer prayers to God for half an hour. It was a fascinating start of my day, and that place was not an ashram but a hospital! This mesmerising sequence of a heavenly start of every day, continued for nine days of my hospitalisation in Sai Sanjivani Hospital.

It was a novel eye opening experience for me because these days, when education is being sold in today's capitalist society as any other product, here in Sai Sanjivani Nursing Institute, the young students who were getting training of nursing, were assembling every morning, in the Satsang hall to chant purifying mantras and sing melodious bhajans. These mantras and bhajans were acting as a magical stimulant in the treatment of patients. In such a harmonious and positive environment in a hospital, patients get a soothing and pleasing mental strength, which acts as a pain reliever on one hand and a source of motivation to fight the disease, on another hand.

During nine days of my hospitalization at Sai Sanjivani hospital, I was visited by many friends, relatives and well-wishers who used to come, to wish me good health and speedy recovery. Many of the visitors who came to see me, happened to be ex-patients of Dr Sanjay Aggrawal, or were friends or relatives of those who were treated at Sai Sanjivani Hospital in past. All of them talked good about the humane and simple dealings, which doctors and other staff at Sai Sanjivani, had had with one and all.

I will never forget the spontaneous statement of one of the visitors in hospital, my friend – Vikas Goyal, who came to see me from Shimla. He is a young and rich businessman. After spending just five minutes in my room in hospital he amazingly said that he had visited many hospitals, including a few very renowned private hospitals in Chandigarh, Punjab and Delhi, but he did experience an exceptional peace and calm in Sai Sanjivani Hospital, which he never felt in any other hospital. He said that he was feeling as if it was not a hospital, but a "home"!

On the fourth day of my hospitalisation in Sai Sanjivani Hospital I experienced another adorable surprise. In the afternoon, when I was on my bed in patient's room, watching the photo of Sathya Sai Baba hanging on the wall, I heard a pleasant-sounding musical voice of Ganesh Stuti mantras. I was taken by surprise, firstly because it was not morning, but afternoon, and secondly the singers were little children. The innocent voice of children was so alluring that I moved out of my room to listen it, live. Very slowly I walked down the stairs and entered a brightly-lit magnificent hall with gorgeous photos of Sathya Sai Baba. The hall was fully occupied by little children who were singing a bhajan, and their chorus leader was neither a priest, nor a musician, but a Surgeon. The children were enjoying bhajans and mantras with Dr Sanjeev Aggrawal – the surgeon. No doubt, I was in a private hospital, but the owner of this private hospital was leading and coordinating a "Baal Vikas" workshop, the objective of which was to inculcate moral values in children.

Sai Sanjivani Hospital is a private sector organization where, as a patient, I observed and witnessed an exceptional socially-desirable fusion of professionalism and social service.

It was not only the photographs of Sathya Sai Baba in each and every room of hospital, but the overall environment and the work culture there, which resulted in a new perception in my mind that, I was not in just any other profit-making private hospital, but in a "ashram", where patients were being treated as the children of God.

Just like any other private hospital there was cleanliness and hygiene in Sai Sanjivani Hospital also, but what differentiated it from others was the ethical work culture where doctors and nurses were rendering their services to all patients, with total devotion and dedication.

Enthusiasm and devotion of Dr Sanjay Aggrawal to serve the society is contagious. All doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, Trainee nurses and support staff at Sai Sanjivani Hospital work with devotion. Dr Sanjay Aggrawal shared his vision with me and told that he see each patient as a beloved child of God and himself as a worshipper. I witnessed, that his vision had taken the shape of a healthy work culture, which all employees and students at Sai Sanjivani Hospital were sharing.

Sunita, a senior nurse at Sai Sanjivani Hospital told me that her boss devotes all his Sundays to the poor and needy people in remote area of Himachal by providing voluntary (free of cost) medical services. Dr Shalini told that her job satisfaction level in Sai Sanjivani was high, because everyone was working as if they were working for God's children.

I think that my surgical operation and subsequent hospitalisation for nine days at Sai Sanjivani Hospital, was a blessing in disguise, as I myself experienced and witnessed that values, ethics and service to society, can be practised along with any profession or business.

As the doctors and nurses at Sai Sanjivani Hospital treated me 'not' just like an unknown patient, but a patient belonging to their own family, I recall the concept of empathetic and compassionate treatment that was demonstrated by Sanjay Dutt in his movie "Munna Bhai MBBS", which was named as "JAADU KI JHAPPI".



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