The kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh

Kangra is one of the famous districts of Himachal Pradesh. It is very famous for its art and craft across the country. Here, we have discussed various places of this area in a brief which gives one an idea about the varied nature in terms of various aspects of the nature and the place. Moreover, this place is known for its temples.


The Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh is one of the finest places in Himachal pradedh to visit. The kangra valley is the best scenic, picturesque valleys of the Himalayas. It lies in the lower Himalayas. It is followed by the great sheltered dhauladhar range which makes it green and luxurious. This acts as saturation in the overall contrast of the valley. Baner and Majhi streams surround the Kangra town which contains the famous temples and forts. Buddhism is the religion adopted in most of the Dharamshala. Including Buddhism Brajeshwari, Baijnath, Chamunda Devi and Jawalamukhi are the very famous temples which surrounds the area and all the yearlong good traffic of tourism is seen in these places.

History of Kangra

This place is about thirty five thousand years (3500) years old. This time is believed to be the times of Vedic ages. Since, our very Himachal was invaded many-a-times by different kingdoms; similarly the place was invaded by many of the emperors. The British rule was the last noted rule in this place and after such a time no invasion is made on this very place. This helped the place to develop to its fullest and to increase its global value state government always put in its efforts to organize various parts of the region. The art and craft of this area is always found rising like anything, this can be reviewed when one looks at the art and craft work done by the workers and skilled person over the walls of the temples situated at this very region. Shawls and miniature are the very famous articles of this region which are quite famous in the surrounding areas and in various other states.


Kangra is the place which is very famous for its temples. When one looks at the Ban Ganga torrent which is entirely devoted to goddess Brijeshwari; one feels very cool and calm and everything gets relieved on its own. So, this makes visitors to visit the place many-a-times. Fort Nagarkot is the fort that depicts the history of Kangra since it is ruined and this makes us believe that in spite of so many invasions it stands tall even today. This depicts the glorious past of Kangra district. This very town was once in history invaded by very famous invader, Mohammed Ghaznavi and after that by Emperor feroz Tuglak and Maharaja Rant Singh. Once in the history this place was the capital of great hill state. Not only this, the place was ruled once by the priest of patron of arts Maharaja Sansar Chand Katoch. He made many amendments in his time as can be seen in the books of that time which can still be found in libraries. This was the only time in history when Miniature and Rajpur Schools of hill paintings flourished and got a huge name and adds in the history of Himachal Pradesh.

About Brajeshwari Devi Temple

As the name suggests, a temple of goddess, which is very famous for its art. This is exclusively devoted to goddess Brajeshwari Devi. The temple is situated across the countryside. Once in history, this temple was very known for its wealth and respectively for gold and silver. As aforesaid, that the place came under successive invasions in the history henceforth, it was looted many-a-times and was completely destroyed by them in the year 1905. All the gold, silver and jewels were looted by the invaders and in the year 1905 an earthquake took away the temple. After few years later in 1920 the temple was re-built. So, it has a very fluctuating history.

About Maharana Pratap Sagar

This area is above mean sea level at four hundred fifty (450) and 32 degree north and 76 degrees east. You can reach here from Chandigarh which is located about 170 k.m. and 110 k.m. from Amritsar and situated at a distance of 55 k.m. from headquarters at Dharamshala. One can r the closest railway station is at Mukerian which is at a distance of 30 k.m. and Pathankot at 32 k.m. This is the place under airway connectivity too hence, one can get to the place by air means and the closest airport is Gaggal 40 k.m. This sagar is named so in the name of great patriot Maharana Pratap (1572-97 AD). He fought for freedom for the principle of independence to make the places free from invaders. Henceforth, in his memory this sagar was given his name. This sagars reservoir covers an area about 45000 hectares at maximum flood level. The reservoir varies according to the season and it lies on an average of 3000 hectares. This wetland surrounds about 200 villages and that contains about 85000 people and hence provides good irrigation to the people for their crops.

Kangra Fort

This fort was built by Bhuma Chand. This was a major attraction to the invaders since it provided security to them. Ban Ganga and Manjhi rivers are the major views from this very place. This is the fort located at height which makes people see most of the surrounding area; this was the only reason for attraction to the invaders. Shreshtha, the Raja of Kashmir made the first attact on this fort in 470 AD. In the year 1846 it came under the rule of British. There are two temples located inside the fort namely Laxmide the fort namely Laxmi Narayan and Adinath which are exclusively dedicated to Jainism. Kapur Sagar is one of the two ponds which lie inside this fort. So, one can clearly imagine, how much area this fort surrounds. This fort was also damaged in 1905 earthquake and hence various parts have been severely damaged.


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