Which is the oldest Golf Course of India? - Naldehra

Surrounded by river Sutlej and having the oldest Golf Course in India, the place named as Naldehra is one of the best place for Golf enthusiastic to play the game of Golf. This place originated in the British rule as a famous place and till today it organizes various championships time and again. If you are not a golfer, still it has many other things to offer to you. So, here we have explored about the place and made our best to make the place aware to you.

If you really want to have your holidays to be spent in mighty heights visit on of the famous place termed as naldehra. This is an attractive and pleasant place to visit in any of the season for whole of the year. People come to the place again and again and have much fun in their visit. This is one of the best hill-station of the state and is situated at an altitude of two thousand and forty four metres from the mean sea level. It is well known for its golf course, which is one of the highest globe courses in the world. Himachal is a very beautiful state where snow covers the mighty peak and giving a great experience to every visitor who comes here and spends his valuable time in the wild and excellent beauty. This is the land of GOD. The state comprises of many of the tows, villages and very famous and well-known beautiful places like NALDEHRA, hence making the place and the state a paradise within itself. Every person who has visited the state in the past loves to come in the future to enjoy the pleasant time in the places which can't be found in rest of the domains of the globe.

Naldehra Golf Course

As stated above, this is the best part of the mentioned place. This is the main attraction for the tourist and all the golf lovers. Army officers can be seen most of the time playing over the valley of the place. The valley is like a downhill, surprisingly not very similar to all the other Golf courses that are found at other places. This very dissimilarity of this course makes everybody curious about this place. Various championships are organized here and the winner is assured to get the good amount of price. So, whenever you get a chance to visit Himachal Pradesh, do visit this very beautiful place, Naldehra. This place was made in the time of British rule in India. They used to play especially it was a favorite place of then known British Viceroy Lord Curzon. This golf post is situated at an altitude of 2044 metres above mean sea level. It is the oldest golf course in India. It was this British official who proposed that this place would be suited as the best place to have a course of Golf. He then leveled all the place to lay out nine- hole course. This place is located from Shimla the capital at a distance of about 23 km. The very beautiful place is surrounded by wooded forests and lush green valley's/hills. Not only this, the river Sutlej also flows around it. As stated above, it has hosted various golf championships in the country many-a-times. At the initial years of its foundation it consisted of nine-hole course but later it was expanded to eighteen (18)-hole Golf Course i.e. 16 Green and 18 Trees.

Naldehra's famous Nag Temple

The place got the name from this very temple which is meant to be land of the lord of snakes. More presisely it was the Dehra of Nagraj and after little bit nomenclature it got the name as Naldehra. This temple is located at the middle of the golf course. The temple is again a prime attraction to the visitors who come for playing the Golf here.

Chabba Village

Since, river Sutlej flows form the place this place is well-suited for River Rafting as a sport event. Various visitors and the localities are seen taking part in the thrilling action of this sport. This rafting sport starts from the Hydroelectric Power Plant and the rafting stretches and covers a distance of 11 km, and it reaches the place famous for its sulphur spring named as Tattapani. Now this place has a huge crowd in navratras due to the holy belief of the people that taking bath from this place will give them the end from the life processes (Moksha). According to scientists, this place has a big hole which connects it to the depth of the crust that makes the water boil and since the water contents were found to contain the sulphur. Henceforth, this made them think that sulphur is the main cause for the heating up of water. There are many othere stories which are associated with this hot water spring. One can know them better by simply visiting the place and have a talk to the people across.

Shaily Peak

Not only river rafting, locating Naldehra there is the place termed as Shaily which is a name given to a small range peak. This peak gives a wonderful trekking experience to the enthusiastic. The place carries with itself a treasure of beauty which can make the trekkers feel breathless in any manner. After reaching at the top of the peak one can find the panoramic view of this small town and can see almost every activity with a help of binocular.

Mahakali Temple

There is one lake at the surrounding place named as Mahakali Lake. Surrounding this lake here one can find the enchanting sounds of the prayers/mantras coming from vary old temple known as Mahakali temple. As the name suggests, it is a temple of goddess Mahakali who is believed to kill all the evil in the old time. The people believe in her that she'll always take care of them and whatever they are doing and achieving is all due to her. Such type of faiths makes India a religious country which most of the countries fail. The place is surrounded by meadows and serene lake and thus giving you an excellent time to stay and enjoy you time. So, this means that you are having a great fun even if you don't know the game of golf. Still the place has much to offer to you as in one way or the other. So what if you are not a golfer, you can try for trekking and achieve the high summit and have a glance view of the place from the summit. Make your stay comfortable and stay here, the place has many restaurants, inn and hotels which have world class facilities to offer. The tourism department has already allotted its information centers from Shimla itself to offer the best information to tourists and saving them from disguising.


The whole of the article discusses about the very famous place Naldehra which is near to the capital of the state. The place consists of oldest Golf Course in India made in the times of British Rule in India. Even if you are not a golfer, never mind the place have much other reasons to make you say that this place is really a heaven on Earth.


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very nice article i like it. I love golf. This is very useful article about golf indicated oldest golf course India.

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Thanks for appreciation !


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Naldehra is oldest golf course in india as well as for horse riding.It is about 20km from state capital shimla.Rightly said it is heaven on earth and on himachal.

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