Famous places during Shimla via Toy Train from Kalka/Solan

Here in this article we are talking about the famous places during the Shimla to Kalka when you travel through the Toy Train.

How to reach Shimla via Toy Train from Kalka/Solan

Shimla is the capital of the Himachal Pradesh state and which is also one of the most popular place for the wondering in the summer season. It was also the capital of the country during the British time and during that time they have develop a single track toy train from the Shimla to Kalka via Solan. Here in this article we are talking about the popular places which come during the way when you go to Kalka from Shimla via Toy Train.

Shimla Kalka Toy Train
Shimla is situated on the top of the Hill and is basically popular for the high mountain range and heavy snow fall during the winter season. During the British government, they have established a single line train track for this place from the Kalka. This track is basically popular for the tunnel because when you visit Shimla via train then you will see that there are almost 108 tunnels are present during the way and the longest tunnel is about 1.3 km which is present in the Barog station.

Famous Stations
So when you visited the Shimla for the summer vacation with your family or friends than forget to enjoy the journey of Toy Train from Shimla to Kalka. In the plain area you have seen lots of metro train and other trains which travel with speed more than 60 or above. But it is one of the trains which travel with water and moves at normal speed of 15km/h. it is a single line track and lots of tunnel are presents during the way. In a single day there are about 7 to 10 trains from Shimla to Kalka and from Kalka to Shimla travel in which ordinary, semi deluxe and deluxe trains travels.

Summer Hill Railway Station
When you start from the Shimla than about 3 km from the main station, Summer Hill railway station comes during this way you will see lots of small as well as long tunnel. On the both side of the track there are lots of trees and different varieties of flowers are present. The train will stop here for about 5 to 10 minutes and after that it will departure for the next railway station.

Tara Devi Station
After Summer Hill, Tara Devi is the another famous railway station where train will stop for about 10 to 15 minutes and you can buy different eatable things from the shops or peoples will come inside the train to buy different eatable things. Here in this place there is a temple of Tara Devi Mata that's why this place is known as Tara Devi. This temple is situated on the top of the hill and is one of the famous temples of the Shimla.

Shoghi Station
After Tara Devi station there are lots of tunnel comes across the ways and you can see the beautiful view of the mountains which are covered with green grass and flowers and within few hours you will reach in the Soghi station. Here train will stop for the few minutes and will departure very shortly.

Waknaghat station
After Soghi, you will reach Waknaghat railway station. This place is popular for the university; here two famous universities such as Bahara University and JP University are situated. Here also train will stop for few minutes.

Kandaghat railway station
When you will departure from the Waknaghat than you will see the beautiful view of the mountain and lots of small and longs tunnel will came in the way and within hours you will reach in the Kandaghat. In the way there are lots of other small station will come and in the way you can see other trains which are coming to Shimla from the Kalka. Here train will not stop for long time.

Finally after three hours of journey you will reach in Solan railway station. It is not one of the best railway stations; here every train will stop for about 10 minutes. And leave to the station. During this journey from the Shimla to Solan you have seen about 50 different small and long tunnels in the way and one road crossing in the Chambaghat which is about 3 km behind this station.

Barog Railway Station
It is one of the popular railways stations of the way. Here every train stop for the 20 to 30 minutes and you can eat different things. This station is basically popular for its eatable things especially for tea. This railway station is situated in the basement of the mountain. Here in this station one of the longest tunnel of the way are situated which is about 1.2 km long. When you visit this railway station then you will see another tunnel on the left side of the main tunnel and it is said that this initially this tunnel was made but due to some circumstances or bad calculation the head of tunnel do not match so it is closed and after that second tunnel was made by another engineer.

Sanwara Station
After Barog, Sanwara is one of the popular railway stations and you will see lots of small tunnel in the way and also enjoy the beautiful view of the Solan district.

And finally you will reach in Kalka within 6 hours and in the way you will see about 103 tunnels in the ways and 3 to 5 road crossing.

Timing of Train
The first train from the Shimla to Kalka will be available in the 7am in the early morning and after that within 2 hours one train will be available. And from the Kalka first train will be available in the 4am in the early morning and last train from Kalka to Shimla will be available on 4 pm.

Train Fair
As compared to bus fair, train fair is very low when you travel through the ordinary train than you will be charges only RS 40 while the same journey will be charges RS more than 150 when you came through the bus. And in the deluxe trains you have to pay some extra charges as compared to the ordinary train.


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